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21 years of outstanding service!

Head of housekeeping Viv Freestone, celebrates 21 years of working for the Carnmarth hotel.

Viv turned up on our doorstep one day when her daughter couldn’t make it to work. She didn’t want anybody to be let down and we haven’t been able to get rid of her since!!

Viv’s dedication to the cause has seen her take on numerous tasks and she is regularly seen with a paint brush in her hand during the quieter winter months, but no matter what the task it is always performed with a sense of pride that we love.

Indeed a few years ago when our maintenance man retired who fills the vacancy? Pat – Viv’s husband who is now also a valued member of our team.

One of our most treasured memories of Viv is the day she found a “dead body” lying on top of one of the beds. After dialling 999 and rushing to the scene we all nearly suffered heart attacks ourselves when the so called corpse leapt off the bed in fright at the gang that had gathered in her bedroom during a snooze!

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